Configure Portwork for On-prem Usage

Configure Portworx Essentials for On-prem Use

Certain configurations require managing your own storage. We recommend the storage solutions of our business partner Portworx. Portworx is a software-defined storage solution that provides high-availability persistent volume storage for containerized stateful applications running on Kubernetes clusters. This procedure describes how to create a Portworx Essentials yaml file for use with Konvoy.

The following example is a sample installation illustrating the overall process. For production installations, consult the Portworx documentation for appropriate configuration options.

Before you begin

You need certain software configurations and settings before you start this procedure. This procedure requires the following items and configurations:

  • Portwork login.

Configure Portworx Essentials for On-prem Use

  1. Go to and login to your account. Create an account for this site if you do not have access.

  2. Select the Portworx Essentials button and select the >Next link.

  3. In the Basic window enter values for the following fields:

    • Kubernetes Version - Enter the Kubernetes version number you are using.
    • Portworx Version - Enter the Portworx version number you want to use.

Select the Next button.

  1. In the Storage window select the following attributes:
    • On Premises
    • Automatically scan disks
    • Use unmounted disks even if they have a partition on it. PX will never use a drive or partition that is mounted
    • Skip KVDB device - (This is not recommended for production installation but is referenced here for simple configurations.)

Select the Next button.

  1. In the Network window keep the default settings. Do not change any values. Select the Next button.

  2. In the Customize window, in the Advanced Setting section, select the following items:

    • Enable Stork
    • Enable Lighthouse

Select the Finish button.

  1. In the Portworx License Agreement dialog box, select the Agree button.

  2. In the Spec Generator Essentials window, select the Download button. The portworx_essentials.yaml file is downloaded to your machine.

  3. Move the portwork_essentials.yaml file to the ./extras/kubernetes of the Konvoy deployment director. If the /extras/kubernetes directory does not already exist, create it using mkdir -p ./extras/kubernetes.

  4. Deploy Portworx on the Kubernetes cluster by running the following command:

    kubectl apply -f extras/kubernetes/portworx_essentials.yaml
  5. Wait until the Portworx pods are ready:

    kubectl get pods -n kube-system -l name=portworx -o wide
  6. Fetch the Portworx cluster status:

    PX_POD=$(kubectl get pods -l name=portworx -n kube-system -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}')
    kubectl exec -it $PX_POD -n kube-system -- /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl status

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