Multi Cluster Management

Konvoy Multi Cluster Management

As various parts of the organization require new Kubernetes clusters and associated data services, D2iQ Kommander simplifies the provisioning of new services and creates greater policy-driven consistency across Kubernetes clusters within the environment. This capability allows for greater standardization of Kubernetes and associated addons to ensure an easier support path for application services. Further, this level of broad control can help organizations meet risk and compliance demands as they govern how and where new application services are used, as well as who is able to engage in policy and operational needs of those services.

Kommander provides the following benefits:

  • Centralized Observability - Provide enhanced visibility and control at the enterprise level, with comprehensive logging and monitoring across all clusters.

  • Federated Management - Ensure roles and responsibilities can be separated to deliver policy-driven control and secure provisioning of services—even on shared, multi-tenant infrastructure.

  • Organizational Governance - Empower the organization to govern Kubernetes usage to assist with compliance for regulatory, IP and other unique organizational needs.

  • Integrated Cost Control - Lower TCO with out-of-the-box Kubecost integration, which allows attribution of costs to departments, applications, projects, or other groups in real time.

  • Universal Enterprise Grade - Kubernetes Provide any Kubernetes distribution with D2iQ’s production ready addon stack and make it ready for Day 2.

For more information on Kommander, refer to the following sites: