Introducing Konvoy

Deploy production-ready Kubernetes with Konvoy

Konvoy is a complete, standalone distribution of Kubernetes that includes a native Kubernetes cluster pre-packaged for deployment with a complement of best-in-class addon services, enabled by default and ready for immediate use. By combining the native Kubernetes cluster with all of the components required for operation and lifecycle management, Konvoy provides an out-of-the-box and production-ready Kubernetes ecosystem that you can install using a single command-line instruction.

Because Konvoy packages all of its components as a fully integrated and tested solution with complete technical support, Konvoy enables organizations to easily provision Kubernetes clusters into a production environment. Its suite of pre-selected Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and community-contributed tools provide important additional functionality that is key to managing both cluster operations and the applications deployed on the cluster.

Features and functionalities

Konvoy provides the following features and functionalities:

  • Simplified installation

    Use a simple, single command to install CNCF-certified, high-availability Kubernetes on a public cloud or an internal on-prem network.

  • Infrastructure provisioning

    Provision the cluster infrastructure on cloud provider using Terraform or pre-deploy a physical or virtual infrastructure, then deploy using Konvoy.

  • Core addons for networking and storage production-readiness

    Install and enable a default set of core addons to provide the most common features required to run the Kubernetes cluster in production, including the following:

    • Calico (Network overlay)
    • Traefik (Ingress provider)
    • Local storage class (default)
  • Core addons for collecting metrics and logging

    Install and enable a default set of core addons for monitoring, metrics, and logging, including the following:

    • Monitoring and metrics using Prometheus, AlertManager, Grafana, and Telegraf
    • Logging using Fluent Bit, Elasticsearch, and Kibana
  • Operational infrastructure addons

    Install and enable a default set of addons for backup and restore using open source tools (CNCF stack) and to configure the cluster with best practices for security and operations.

  • Operational dashboards

    Access web-based dashboards for the Kubernetes cluster and addons from a single entry point.

  • Lifecycle management

    Enable basic lifecycle management, including scaling, patching, and upgrading, for deployed applications and services.


Konvoy offers the following key benefits:

  • It provides a simple and flexible platform to build applications.
  • It eliminates the need to use multiple commands to spin up a cluster.
  • It simplifies the deployment and cluster configuration process by using a single file and a single command to install, enable, and customize cluster components.
  • It delivers an end-to-end solution with CNCF technologies.
  • It reduces the time, expertise, cost, and resources required to build and deploy on multiple infrastructures.