Connect to Google Accounts

Connect your Konvoy cluster to Google Accounts

How to connect Konvoy to Google Accounts

This guide shows how to configure your Konvoy cluster so that users can log in with Google Accounts credentials via single sign-on.

This requires your Konvoy cluster to be reachable via a public DNS name. In this example let’s say this is https://<YOUR-CLUSTER-HOST>/

Step 1: set up Google project and Google OAuth app

This step creates an OpenID Connect identity provider served by Google Accounts.

  1. Go to Google’s developer console and create a project.
  2. Select that project.
  3. Select OAuth consent screen in the sidebar.
  4. Configure the OAuth consent screen. Make sure to configure Authorized domains with the publicly reachable DNS name for your cluster, i.e. <YOUR-CLUSTER-HOST> in this example.
  5. Save the OAuth consent screen configuration.
  6. Select Credentials in the sidebar.
  7. Select Create credentials and create an OAuth client ID. Set its Application type to Web application.
  8. Under Authorized redirect URIs add https://<YOUR-CLUSTER-HOST>/dex/callback.
  9. Select Create. Write down the client ID and the client secret. These are used in the next step.

Step 2: add OpenID Connect (OIDC) connector

Create a YAML file (oidc.yaml) with the following contents:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: oidc-client-secret
  namespace: kubeaddons
type: Opaque
  client-id: <CLIENT-ID>
  client-secret: <CLIENT-SECRET>
kind: Connector
  name: google
  namespace: kubeaddons
  enabled: true
  type: oidc
  displayName: Google Accounts
      name: oidc-client-secret
    redirectURI: "https://<YOUR-CLUSTER-HOST>/dex/callback"
    userIDKey: email
    userNameKey: email

Replace <CLIENT-ID> and <CLIENT-SECRET> with the values from step 1, and replace <YOUR-CLUSTER-HOST> with your cluster’s DNS name.

Create the resources defined in the file:

kubectl apply -f oidc.yaml

Step 4: log in

Browse to https://<YOUR-CLUSTER-HOST>/token and select Log in with Google Accounts, then follow the login flow.