Welcome to Konvoy 1.8

Konvoy is a complete, standalone distribution of Kubernetes that enables you to provision native Kubernetes clusters with a suite of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and community tools. By combining the native Kubernetes cluster with all of the components required for operation and lifecycle management, Konvoy provides an out-of-the-box and production-ready Kubernetes ecosystem that you can install using a single command-line instruction.

If you are a new user or setting up a small cluster for personal use or demonstration purposes, see the Quick start for guidance to get you started.

Release Notes

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Introducing Konvoy

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Download Konvoy

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Concepts and architecture

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Quick Start

Get started by installing a cluster with default configuration settings…Read More

Support and Services

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Authentication and Access

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Kubernetes Storage Introduction

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Kubernetes Base Addons

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Autoscaling clusters

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Workload Deployment

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Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor and collect metrics for Kubernetes, platform services, and applications deployed on the Konvoy cluster…Read More

Logging and Audits

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Policy Controls

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Back up and restore

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Multi Cluster Management

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CLI Tools

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Version Support Policy

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Access Documentation Archives

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