Management cluster application requirements


Management cluster application minimum resources and storage requirements

This section only details requirements for management cluster-specific applications. For the list of all platform applications, see Platform Application Configuration Requirements.

This table describes the workspace platform applications specific to the management cluster, minimum resource requirements, and minimum persistent storage requirements.

Common Name Application Name Minimum Resources Suggested Minimum Persistent Storage Required
Grafana centralized-grafana cpu: 200m
memory: 100Mi
Kubecost centralized-kubecost cpu: 1200m
memory: 4151Mi
# of PVs: 1
PV sizes: 32Gi
Chartmuseum chartmuseum # of PVs: 1
PV sizes: 2Gi
Dex dex cpu: 100m
memory: 50Mi
Dex Authenticator dex-k8s-authenticator cpu: 100m
memory: 128Mi
Gitea gitea cpu: 500m
memory: 512Mi
# of PVs: 2
PV sizes: 10Gi
Karma karma
Flux kommander-flux cpu: 4000m
memory: 4Gi
Kubefed kubefed cpu: 300m
memory: 192Mi
Thanos thanos
Traefik ForwardAuth traefik-forward-auth-mgmt cpu: 100m
memory: 128Mi