Insights Setup and Configuration


Enable DKP Insights Engine

DKP Insights Management installs by default on your Management Cluster, when you install or upgrade to DKP 2.2 and higher.

To receive insight items on the Insights Dashboard, enable the DKP Insights Engine manually on each Managed or Attached or cluster.

Enable the DKP Insights Engine

  1. Add DKP Insights Engine Addon by applying the following YAML from the CLI:

    kubectl apply -f - <<EOF
    kind: GitRepository
      name: insights-catalog-applications
      namespace: kommander
      labels: dkp "true"
      interval: 1m0s
        branch: main
      timeout: 20s

    This grants all Attached clusters the ability to enable the Insights Engine, and to display DKP Insights under Applications.

  2. Enable the DKP Insights Engine on each Attached cluster from the DKP UI by selecting: Applications from within the relevant workspace, then select Enable from the vertical 3-dot menu in the bottom right of the Insights application tile.

Note: The option for Enable Another Instance is not suggested as it is not supported in this technical preview release.

Disable DKP Insights Management

The DKP Insights Management component can be disabled using the instructions for configuring a Kommander installation.

  1. Initialize a default configuration file:

    dkp install kommander --init > kommander.yaml
  2. Set enabled to false to disable dkp-insights-management:

    kind: Installation
        enabled: false
  3. Install Kommander using the updated configuration file:

    dkp install kommander --installer-config kommander.yaml