Troubleshooting for Continuous Deployments

  • Events related to federation are stored in respective FederatedGitRepository, FederatedKustomization, or both resources.
  • View the events and logs for deployments/Kommander-repository-controller in Kommander namespace, if there are any unexpected errors.
  • Enabling the Kommander repository controller for your project namespace causes a number of related Flux controller components to deploy into the namespace. These are necessary for the proper operation of the repository controller and should not be removed.
  • Ensure your GitOps repository does not contain any manifests that are cluster-scoped - for example, Namespace, ClusterRole, ClusterRoleBinding, etc. All of the manifests must be namespace-scoped.
  • Ensure your GitOps repository does not contain any HelmRelease and Kustomization resources that are targeting a different namespace than the project namespace.