Create a Git Repository

Create a Git Repository in the Project namespace

Use the CLI to create the GitRepository resource and add a new repository to your Project.

  1. Refer to air-gapped setup instructions, if you are running in air-gapped environment.

  2. Set the PROJECT_NAMESPACE environment variable to the name of your project’s namespace:

    export PROJECT_NAMESPACE=<project_namespace>
  3. Adapt the URL of your Git repository.

    kubectl apply -f - <<EOF
    kind: GitRepository
      name: example-repo
      namespace: ${PROJECT_NAMESPACE}
      interval: 1m0s
        branch: <your-target-branch-name> # e.g., main
      timeout: 20s
  4. Ensure the status of the GitRepository signals a ready state:

    kubectl get gitrepository example-repo -n ${PROJECT_NAMESPACE}

The repository commit also displays the ready state:

NAME         URL                                                        READY   STATUS                                                              AGE
example-repo                True    Fetched revision: master/6c54bd1722604bd03d25dcac7a31c44ff4e03c6a   11m

For more information on the GitRepository resource fields and how to make Flux aware of credentials required to access a private Git repository, see the Flux documentation.


To troubleshoot issues with adding the GitRepository, review the following logs:

kubectl -n kommander-flux logs -l app=source-controller
kubectl -n kommander-flux logs -l app=kustomize-controller
kubectl -n kommander-flux logs -l app=helm-controller