Verify Project Logging Stack Installation

How to verify the project logging stack installation for multi-tenant logging

You must wait for the Project’s logging stack HelmReleases to deploy before attempting to configure or use the Project-level logging features, including multi-tenancy. You can check the deployment status using this command on the attached clusters:

  1. Ensure to switch to the correct context or Kubeconfig of the attached cluster for the following kubectl commands.

  2. Set the environment variables needed for this procedure with the command:

    export WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE=$(kubectl get workspace <type_your_workspace_name> -o jsonpath='{}')
    export PROJECT_NAMESPACE=$(kubectl get project -n ${WORKSPACE_NAMESPACE} <type_your_project_name> -o jsonpath='{}')
  3. Check the deployment status using this command on the attached cluster:

    kubectl get helmreleases -n ${PROJECT_NAMESPACE}

NOTE: It may take some time for these changes to take effect, based on the duration configured for the Flux GitRepository reconciliation.

When successfully deployed, you will see output that includes the following HelmReleases:

NAMESPACE              NAME                 READY   STATUS                             AGE
${PROJECT_NAMESPACE}   grafana-logging      True    Release reconciliation succeeded   15m
${PROJECT_NAMESPACE}   loki-distributed     True    Release reconciliation succeeded   11m

Then, you can view project log data within multi-tenant logging.