Create New Workspaces

Use Kommander to create new workspaces

Create new workspaces

From the workspace selection dropdown at the top of the screen, select Create Workspace. Enter a name and description. The workspace is now accessible from the workspace selection dropdown.

Organization / Workspace Selection
Organization / Workspace Selection

Create Workspace Form
Create Workspace Form

Advanced Options

Workspace Form Advanced Annotations
Create Workspace Advanced Options

When creating or editing a workspace, you can use the Advanced Options to add, edit, or delete annotations and labels to your workspace. Both the annotations and labels are applied to the workspace’s namespace.

Labels that are added to a workspace, are also applied to all of the clusters in the workspace.

You can also create a custom namespace for the Workspace you are creating. By default, a unique ID Namespace will be auto-generated based on the first 57 characters of your workspace name plus 5 unique alphanumeric characters. Workspace default naming
Workspace namespace fields

To override this default behavior, add your custom namespace name for the Workspace. Workspace default naming
Adding a custom namespace for your Workspace

NOTE: Setting a custom ID for the namespace in Kommander does not guarantee safety and uniqueness of the namespace across all clusters. This may override any namespaces, with the same name, on attached clusters.