Configuration settings for Kaptain

This page lists Kaptain configuration properties that can be adjusted during the initial installation or by updating the existing instance of Kaptain. These parameters are typically set in params.yaml. To learn more about overriding default parameter values as well as updating parameter on the existing Kaptain instance, refer to the Overriding parameters and the Update Parameters on Instance pages in KUDO documentation.

Kaptain Operator Parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
backupBucket Backup bucket name for the MySQL cluster
backupEnabled Enable backup for the MySQL cluster False
backupEndpointUrl Custom endpoint URL for the MySQL cluster backup bucket
backupRegion Backup bucket region name for the MySQL cluster
backupRestoreSource Full path to the backup folder, for example s3://mysql-store-backup/kaptain-mysql-store-2021-04-05-21:47:24-full.
backupSecretName Name of the secret with access credentials for the MySQL cluster backup bucket
base64CustomCertificate base64-encoded contents of a custom certificate file (.crt) to use with the provided custom domain name
base64CustomCertificateKey base64-encoded contents of a custom certificate private key file (.key) to use with the provided custom domain name
clusterDomainName Kubernetes cluster domain name cluster.local
customDomainName Custom domain name used to access Kaptain, for example,
datastoreMySQLNodeCPU CPU per single database node in the MySQL cluster 2
datastoreMySQLNodeDiskSize Disk size of a single database node in the MySQL cluster 30Gi
datastoreMySQLNodeMemory Memory per single database node in the MySQL cluster 2G
datastoreNodeCount Number of MySQL nodes in the HA MySQL cluster 3
datastoreProxyCount Number of proxy instances for the HA MySQL cluster 2
datastoreProxyNodeCPU CPU per single proxy instance in the MySQL cluster 1
datastoreProxyNodeMemory Memory per single proxy instance in the MySQL cluster 1G
defaultNotebookImage Default image to use when creating a new notebook server mesosphere/kubeflow:1.3.0-jupyter-spark-3.0.0-horovod-0.22.0-tensorflow-2.5.0
dkpPlatformVersion The major version of the target DKP, used for Kaptain installation. 2
enableMultiUserSupport Enable multi-user support for Pipelines True
externalDexClientId Dex client id to use when authenticating with external cluster
externalDexClientSecret Dex client secret to use when authenticating with external cluster
installMinioOperator Install Minio Operator to target namespace. Must be disabled in case there is another instance of the operator running in the cluster. False
kubeflowIngressGatewayServiceAnnotations Additional annotations for Kaptain’s default gateway
minioServerPools Number of MinIO server pools. 1
minioServers The number of MinIO server pods to deploy in the pool. 2
minioStorageCapacity The total capacity of a single MinIO server pool. 40Gi
minioVolumeStorageClass StorageClass name to be used for PVCs in MinIO server pool.
minioVolumesPerServer The number of Persistent Volume Claims to generate for each MinIO server pod in the pool. 2
notebookAffinityConfig Pod affinity configurations for Notebook servers
notebookCullingCheckPeriodMinutes Notebook status check period 1
notebookEnableCulling Enables scale down idling notebooks to freeing up the allocated resources. False
notebookIdleTimeMinutes The period of time a notebook can stay idle before it gets culled (scaled down) 1440
notebookImages The list of available standard notebook Images mesosphere/kubeflow:1.3.0-jupyter-spark-3.0.0-horovod-0.22.0-tensorflow-2.5.0
notebookTolerationGroups Pod toleration group configurations for Notebook servers
oidcProviderBase64CaBundle CA bundle of the OIDC provider endpoint URL encoded in base64
oidcProviderEndpoint External OIDC provider endpoint URL
registrationFlow Enable automatic profile creation False
userIdHeader Name of the HTTP header containing the information about authenticated user kubeflow_user_id
userIdPrefix Prefix for the ‘userIdHeader’ header value kubeflow_user_id_prefix
workflowsTTLSecondsAfterFinish The TTL for Argo Workflow (a single run of a pipeline) to persist after completion (default: 24 hours). 86400