Install Kaptain

Install Kaptain on your cluster

How do you want to deploy Kaptain?

You can install Kaptain:

  • On public cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • On a company-internal network with a physical (bare metal) or virtual infrastructure.
  • On a company-internal network or VPC (virtual private cloud) without an internet connection: air-gapped/private/offline clusters.

The infrastructure you select determines the specific requirements for a successful installation.


  • A Konvoy 1.8 cluster with the following addons enabled:

    • Istio
    • Knative
    • Kubeflow NFS

    Follow the appropriate Kaptain on-premises or air-gapped installation instructions, depending on your environment.

  • kubectl on your installation machine

  • KUDO CLI 0.18.2 plugin (remember to set VERSION=0.18.2 if you use the instructions to wget from GitHub release page).