Diagnosing issues with your Dispatch deployment

This section will show you how to diagnose issues with your Dispatch deployment, generate diagnostic bundles, and resolve problems.

Note: If Dispatch is running on D2iQ Konvoy, prior to contacting support, a Konvoy diagnostic bundle may be required to be collected. Additional Konvoy troubleshooting information can be found on the Konvoy Troubleshooting page.

For information on viewing logs in Kibana, refer to the Dispatch Logging documentation.

Viewing component logs

There are a multiple ways you can check the logs for your components.

Tekton pipelines controller

To view the logs of Tekton’s pipeline controller perform the following command:

dispatch debug pipelines-controller

Dispatch event sink

To inspect the logs and status of the event-sink which processes webhook events perform the following command:

dispatch debug event-sink

Dispatch Repository Controller

To inspect the logs of the repository controller run the following command:

dispatch debug repository-controller


To display the name, status, health, etc., of all applications in FluxCD.

kubectl get gitrepositories