Release Notes 1.4.0

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WARNING: D2iQ Dispatch has been deprecated in favor of Flux. See the D2iQ blog post for more information.

Release Notes for Dispatch 1.4.0

v1.4.0 - Released Feb 3, 2021

Document Modified Date: Released Feb 3, 2021

This document describes the new features, caveats, and resolved issues in D2iQ Dispatch.


  • Release notes are sometimes updated with new information about restrictions and caveats. Please see for the latest version of the D2iQ Dispatch release-notes.


This release introduces FluxCD as a new GitOps backend. ArgoCD is now considered deprecated and will likely be removed in future releases. Refer to this guide to learn how to setup your GitOps repositories with FluxCD.

Installation and Upgrades

To install Dispatch, follow one of the two options below:

  • Installation: Run konvoy init and then update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml.

  • Upgrade: Update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml .

  1. Update the following example snippet from cluster.yaml to upgrade Dispatch 1.3.x to 1.4.0.
  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.18-1.3.1
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: false

It should read:

  - configRepository:
    configVersion: stable-1.19-1.4.0
    - name: dispatch
      enabled: true
  1. Apply the configuration to install/upgrade Dispatch to the Konvoy cluster.
konvoy up
  1. Verify that the installation/upgrade is successful.
helm test dispatch-kubeaddons

Frontend Languages

Frontend Language Version
Starlark 0.9
CUE 0.7
YAML 0.6
JSON 0.6

Known Issues

  • Prometheus endpoint /ops/portal/prometheus/targets will report target dispatch/dispatch-event-sink-images/0 as unhealthy, with an error message server returned HTTP status 404 Not Found. Please run kubectl delete servicemonitor -n dispatch dispatch-event-sink-images to resolve this error.

Improvements since Dispatch 1.3

  • Added support to tasks for annotations and labels.
  • Addes support in Dispatch CLI for Docker registry authentication when pulling images.
  • Added support for automated installation of FluxCD onto federated clusters.
  • Upgraded Tekton to v0.16.3.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue with buildkit deployment on multi-instance Dispatch deployments.