Release Notes 1.4.1

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WARNING: D2iQ Dispatch has been deprecated in favor of Flux. See the D2iQ blog post for more information.

Release Notes for Dispatch 1.4.1

v1.4.1 - Released March 4, 2021

Document Modified Date: Released March 5, 2021

This document describes the new features, caveats, and resolved issues in D2iQ Dispatch.


  • Release notes are sometimes updated with new information about restrictions and caveats. Please see for the latest version of the D2iQ Dispatch release-notes.

Installation and Upgrades

To install Dispatch, follow one of the two options below:

  • Installation: Run konvoy init and then update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml.

  • Upgrade: Update the configVersion for in your cluster.yaml .

    1. Update the following example snippet from cluster.yaml to upgrade Dispatch 1.3.x to 1.4.1.

        - configRepository:
          configVersion: stable-1.18-1.3.1
          - name: dispatch
            enabled: false

      It should read:

        - configRepository:
          configVersion: stable-1.19-1.4.1
          - name: dispatch
            enabled: true
    2. Apply the configuration to install/upgrade Dispatch to the Konvoy cluster.

      konvoy up
    3. Verify that the installation/upgrade is successful.

      helm test dispatch-kubeaddons

Frontend Languages

Frontend Language Version
Starlark 0.9
CUE 0.7
YAML 0.6
JSON 0.6

Improvements since v1.4.0

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the unhealthy target dispatch/dispatch-event-sink-images/0 reported by Prometheus endpoint /ops/portal/prometheus/targets.
  • Improved error message: when Dispatch CLI fails to find SCM secret for an SSH URL, it will now hint users to use an HTTPS URL.