Monitoring Dispatch

Configure Prometheus monitoring and dashboards for Dispatch

Monitoring Dispatch

Dispatch integrates with Prometheus for metrics. In the D2iQ Konvoy Kubernetes distribution, Dispatch metrics and logging are automatically integrated with the Konvoy monitoring stack:

  • Metrics for Dispatch components, pipelines, and tasks, are stored in Prometheus and can be visualized using the Dispatch Grafana dashboards, which are packaged with the Dispatch installation.
  • Component and task logs are forwarded to Elastic and can be explored using Kibana.

Set Up Monitoring for non-Konvoy clusters

Make sure that Dispatch is installed with with metrics support into a Kubernetes cluster:

dispatch init --set global.prometheus.enabled=true --set global.prometheus.release=prometheus-kubeaddons

NOTE: prometheus-kubeaddons is the default value for release label when creating a Konvoy cluster. In an installation where Prometheus is configured to match a different release label, Dispatch can be configured to be installed with the same custom label.