Dispatch Garbage Collection

Configure garbage collection of Dispatch resources.

By default, Dispatch deletes all TaskRuns, PipelineRuns, and PipelineResources that are older than 48 hours.

To adjust the age at which resources are garbage collected, set dispatch.garbageCollectAge to the desired time.

For example, to set the garbage collection time to 72 hours, set:

dispatch init --set dispatch.garbageCollectAge=72h

Garbage collection of persisted logs

Dispatch also supports garbage collecting the logging storage. A list of rules can be added globally and overridden on a per repository basis. For example:

    "maxBuildAge": 30,
    "maxBuildRuns": 100,
    "tasks": "*"
    "maxBuildAge": 7,
    "maxBuildRuns": 200,
    "tasks": "unit-*"

Here is the meaning of each field:

  • maxBuildAge: This specifies the maximum age (in days) of a build. Zero value (0) skips the check.
  • maxBuildRuns: This specifies the maximum number of builds to retain. Zero value (0) skips the check.
  • tasks: This is a glob expressions that match task name(s). Specifying * (== all tasks) garbage collects the entire pipeline.

Note that at least one of maxBuildAge or maxBuildRuns is required. If both are 0, the rule is skipped. tasks is a mandatory field.

In the above example:

  • The first rules prunes pipelines that are 30 days older OR has more than 100 runs.
  • The second rule applies to task(s) beginning with “unit-” and are atleast 7 days old OR has more than 200 runs.

These rules can be configured during Dispatch install time and can be overridden per repository when creating the repository object. For example:

dispatch ci repository create --log-storage-rules='[{"maxBuildAge":30, "maxBuildRuns":100, "tasks":"*"}]' -ndispatch --service-account team-1

This is useful to install Dispatch without any rules and then add rules per repository later on. Repository CRD can also be edited post creation to update any rules.

Log pruning is done by a cron job that runs once a day. The cron expression can be changed if you need to run this more frequently in the {namespace}-log-pruner cronjob. Note that the minimum value of build age is one day before you change the cron expression.