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Helm and Chart Bundle CLI Commands

Kommander Charts Bundle

The charts bundle is a gzipped tar archive containing Helm charts, which are required during Kommander installation. Create the charts bundle with the Kommander CLI or downloaded along with the DKP CLI. Execute this command to create the charts bundle:

dkp create chart-bundle

DKP creates charts-bundle.tar.gz. Optionally, specify the output using the -o parameter:

dkp create chart-bundle -o [name of the output file]

DKP Internal Helm Repository

The DKP charts bundle is pushed to DKP’s internal Helm repository. To inspect the contents:

dkp get charts

Individual charts can be removed using:

dkp delete chart [chartName] [chartVersion]

It is possible to push new charts as well:

dkp push chart [chartTarball]

Or push a new bundle:

dkp push chart-bundle [chartsTarball]


Check the built-in help text for each command for more information.

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