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EKS Introduction

DKP brings value to EKS customers by providing all components needed for a production-ready Kubernetes environment. DKP 2.4 provides the capability to provision EKS clusters using the DKP UI, In addition to above, DKP 2.4 also provides the ability to upgrade your EKS clusters using the DKP platform, making it possible to manage the complete lifecycle of EKS clusters from a centralized platform.

DKP adds value to Amazon EKS through:

  • Time to Value in hours/days to get to production, instead of weeks/months, or even failure. Particularly in complex environments like air-gapped, customers tried various options and even after spending millions did not see success, or saw Day 2 later than they could have. We delivered results in hours/days. 

  • Less Risk

    • Cloud-Native Expertise eliminates the lack of skills issue. Our industry-leading expertise closes skill gaps on the customer side, avoids costly mistakes, transfers skills, and improves project success rates while shortening timelines.

    • Simplicity mitigates operational complexity. We focus on a great user experience and automate the hard parts of cloud-native operations to get customers to Day 2 faster and meet all Day 2 operational challenges. This frees up time on the customer side to build what differentiates them, instead of reinventing the wheel for Kubernetes operations.

    • Military-Grade Security alleviates security concerns. The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform can be configured to meet NSA Kubernetes security hardening guidelines. D2iQ Kubernetes Platform and supported add-on components are security scanned and secure out of the box. Encryption of data-at-rest, FIPS compliance, and fully supported air-gapped deployments round out D2iQ offerings. 

  • Lower TCO with operational insights and a simpler platform that curates needed capabilities from Amazon EKS and the open source community that reduces the time and cost of consulting engagements as well as ongoing support costs.

  • Enterprise-grade Kubernetes - comes with a curated list of Day 2 applications necessary for running Kubernetes in production.

  • One platform for all - Single platform to manage multiple clusters on any infrastructure cloud, on-premise, and edge.

  • D2IQ GitOps and EKS - Delivering business value through applications is the primary goal of any Kubernetes cluster. While EKS provides the hosted framework that leads the market, delivering applications to your environment requires a mature and integrated approach. D2IQ DKP provides workspace and project level constructs to a Kubernetes cluster so that application teams have division of resources, security and cost optimization at the the project and namespace level. 

    • Projects deliver applications via the built in GitOps via FluxCD - Just provide a Git repository and DKP does the rest

    • Through integration with Kubecost, DKP monitors utilization of project resources and proves real time reporting for performance and cost optimization

    • Security of projects is defined through DKP integration of customer authentication methods and is reinforced through several layers of application security

  • Cluster Lifecycle Management through CAPI - Through the use of cluster API, DKP gives customers full lifecycle management of their EKS clusters with the ability to instantiate new EKS clusters through a unified API. This allows administrators to deploy new EKS clusters through code and deliver consistent cluster configurations.

  • Time to application value is greatly reduced by minimizing the steps necessary to provision a cluster segment clusters through integrated permissions

  • Secure and reliable cluster deployments

  • Automatic day 2 operations of EKS clusters (Monitoring, Logging, Central Management, Security, Cost Optimization)

  • Day 2 GitOps integration with every EKS cluster

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