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DKP 2.4.1 Customer Incidents

The following issues are corrected or resolved in this release:

Improved workflow for Deploying a Lower Version of Kubernetes


The DKP documentation now provides a workflow to deploy a lower version of Kubernetes.

KIB 1.24.x Fails to Create Ubuntu Images


Attempting to create an Ubuntu 1804 or 2004 image for GCP with KIB 1.24.2 or 1.24.3 would fail with an error.

Traefik entry point TCP 9090 is tagged Velero-minio


The entry point for Rook-ceph Object storage was tagged from previous versions of DKP when we previously used the MinIo application. The entry point is updated to Rook-Ceph.

Upgrading Azure Breaks Volume Attachments for some Pods


When upgrading a DKP cluster on Azure from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0, some pods failed to start due to a bug in the Azure CSI driver.

Kommander Install and Upgrade fail on Pre-provisioned


Upgrades and installations in 2.4 fail for pre-provisioned environments, requiring a workaround to complete the process. This is corrected and the workaround is no longer necessary.

Logging-operator fluentd Error


The fluentd logging-operator was failing to capture logs from applications. This is corrected and the logs are now captured.

Calico Not Updated during DKP Upgrade on Flatcar


When upgrading a cluster using Flatcar OS, the Calico resources were not properly upgraded due to a missing osHint label on some cluster resources. The appropriate osHint labels are now applied on cluster creation and upgrade.

Cannot Connect Cluster with Kommander installed to an existing Management Cluster


Attempting to connect a cluster with Kommander already installed resulted in an error, as this was not a supported action. The documentation is updated to support this action.

Sizing Guidelines for Loki and Logging Operator


The documentation was missing sizing guidelines for these two items.

License counts Control Plane Cores post 2.4 upgrade


In 2.4.0, the licensing page was erroneously counting Control plane cores. The problem is corrected in this release.

Kommander Upgrade Fails with grafana-loki


Rook-Ceph, introduced in 2.4.0, has additional storage requirements for pre-provisioned environments. Please review the storage requirements before upgrading to 2.4.x.

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