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DKP 2.4.0 Customer Incidents

The following resolved incidents have been included in this release.

kubernetes/crictl cannot pull images from harbor registry


Attempting to pull images from a separate registry using crictl would fail due to an issue pertaining to the configuration of that registry. An updated configuration has been included with this release, resolving this issue.

DKP users can download cluster admin kubeconfigs


An incident allowing for non-admin DKP UI users to download cluster admin kubeconfigs has been resolved, making it so only administrator-level roles are allowed to download these configurations.

nvidia-feature-discovery-gpu - error opening


After creating a cluster, an incident arose where the nvidia-feature-discovery-gpu-feature-discovery produced a CrashLoopBackOff state, with the following error:

gpu-feature-discovery: 2022/10/14 08:52:32 Start running
gpu-feature-discovery: 2022/10/14 08:52:32 Warning: Error removing output file: failed to remove output file: remove /etc/kubernetes/node-feature-discovery/features.d/gfd: no such file or directory
gpu-feature-discovery: 2022/10/14 08:52:32 Exiting
gpu-feature-discovery: 2022/10/14 08:52:32 Error: error creating NVML labeler: failed to initialize NVML: unexpected failure calling nvml.Init: error opening cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This incident has been resolved by updating the override with appropriate registry details as part of this release.

Cannot specify custom Packer directory in KIB 1.5.0


As part of trying to implement a custom CentOS image adhering to STIG requirements, an issue arose where Packer can not execute because /tmp is mounted with noexec.

This incident has been resolved by updating packer.json with the appropriate arguments as part of this release.

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