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Create a CAPI VM Template

You must have at least one image before creating a new cluster. As long as you have an image, this step in your configuration is not required each time since that image can be used to spin up a new cluster. However, if you need different images for different environments or providers, you will need to create a new custom image.

Create a vSphere template for your cluster from a base OS image

Using KIB, you can build an image without requiring access to the internet by providing an additional --override flag.

  1. Assuming you have downloaded dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.4.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz, extract the tarball to a local directory:

    tar -xzvf dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.4.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz && cd dkp-v2.4.2/kib
  2. Follow the instructions to build a vSphere template and set the override --overrides overrides/offline.yaml flag.

Next Step:

Now you can Seed your Air-gapped Docker Registry.

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