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Configure an Enterprise catalog

Configure an Enterprise catalog for DKP

DKP supports configuring default catalogs for clusters with Enterprise license.

Configure a Default Enterprise Catalog

To configure DKP to use a default catalog repository, create the following YAML file:

kind: Installation
    - name: dkp-catalog-applications
      labels: "true" "true" "dkp"
          tag: v2.4.2

Use this configuration when installing or reconfiguring DKP by passing it to the dkp install kommander command:

To ensure DKP is installed on the workload cluster, use the --kubeconfig=cluster_name.conf flag.

dkp install kommander --installer-config <config_file.yaml>

TIP: Sometimes, applications require a longer period of time to deploy, which causes the installation to time out. Add the --wait-timeout <time to wait> flag and specify a period of time (for example, 1h) to allocate more time for the deployment of applications.

Configure an Enterprise Catalog after installing or upgrading DKP

When configuring the catalog repository post-upgrade, run dkp install kommander --init > install.yaml and update it accordingly with any custom configuration. This ensures you are using the proper default configuration values for the new DKP version.


The following section describes each label:



Indicates this acts as a Catalog Repository in all projects

Indicates this acts as a Catalog Repository in all workspaces

Indicates this Catalog Repository (and all its Applications) are certified to run on DKP

Next Step:

Custom Domains and Certificates

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