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Add a DKP license


For licenses that you purchase from the AWS Marketplace, an AWS administrator must attach the AWS managed policy AWSLicenseManagerConsumptionPolicy to the role created when configuring AWS IAM policies for Konvoy.

Without this policy attached to the role, DKP cannot verify the license information provided in the steps below.

Obtain a License Token or AWS License ARN

For licenses purchased directly from D2iQ, obtain the license token via the customer support portal. Input this token in the last step below.

For licenses purchased via the AWS marketplace, find the license in the “Granted Licenses” table of AWS License Manager inside the AWS console. If necessary, modify the table view preferences to show “License ARN.” Copy this value for use in the last step below.

Enter License Information

An administrator must add licenses to DKP.

From the DKP UI, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Global in the workspace header drop-down.

  2. In the sidebar menu, select Administration > Licensing.

  3. Select + Add License to enter the Add License form.

  4. On the Add License form page, select D2iQ or AWS Marketplace depending on where you acquired your license.

  5. Paste your license token or AWS ARN in the text box and select Save.

If there is an error submitting a license acquired directly from D2iQ, you can add the license directly through kubectl.

Enter a DKP License via kubectl

You can add a license acquired from D2iQ directly using kubectl.

  1. Create a secret, replacing MY_LICENSE in the below command with your D2iQ-provided DKP license:

    kubectl create secret generic my-license-secret --from-literal=jwt=MY_LICENSE -n kommander
    kubectl label secret my-license-secret kommanderType=license -n kommander
  2. Create a license object:

    cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f -
    kind: License
      name: my-license
      namespace: kommander
        name: my-license-secret

Return to the license page in the UI to see your valid license display.

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