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Project Platform Applications

How project Platform applications work

The following table describes the list of applications that can be deployed to attached clusters within a project.

Review the Project Platform Application Requirements to ensure that the attached clusters in the project have sufficient resources.

From within a project, you can enable applications to deploy. Verify that an application has successfully deployed via the CLI.

Enable applications in a project using the DKP UI

  1. From the top menu bar, select your target workspace.

  2. Select Projects from the sidebar menu.

  3. Select your project from the list.

  4. Select the Applications tab to browse the available applications.

  5. Select the three dot button from the bottom-right corner of the desired application tile, and then select Enable.

  6. To override the default configuration values, copy your values content into the text editor under Configure Service or just upload your yaml file that contains the values:

    someField: someValue
  7. Select the Enable button.

To use the CLI to enable or disable applications, see Application Deployment

There may be dependencies between the applications, which are listed in Project Platform Application Dependencies. Review them carefully prior to customizing to ensure that the applications are deployed successfully.

Platform Applications



Deployed by default










Upgrade Platform Applications from the CLI

Platform Applications within a Project are automatically upgraded when the Workspace that a Project belongs to is upgraded. See Upgrade Kommander for more information on how to upgrade these applications.

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