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Project ConfigMaps

Use ConfigMaps to automate ConfigMaps aretion on your clusters

Project ConfigMaps can be created to make sure Kubernetes ConfigMaps are automatically created on all Kubernetes clusters associated with the Project, in the corresponding namespace.

As reference, a ConfigMap is a key-value pair to store some type of non-confidential data like “name=bob” or “state=CA”. For a full reference to the concept, consult the Kubernetes documentation on the topic of ConfigMaps.

Configuring Project ConfigMaps - UI Method

The below Project ConfigMap form can be navigated to by:

  1. From the top menu bar, select your target workspace.

  2. Select Projects from the sidebar menu.

  3. Select your project from the list.

  4. Select the ConfigMaps tab to browse the deployed ConfigMaps.

  5. Select + Create ConfigMap button.

  6. Enter an ID, Description and Data for the ConfigMap, and select the Create button.

Configuring Project ConfigMaps - CLI Method

A Project ConfigMap is simply a Kubernetes FederatedConfigMap and can be created using kubectl with YAML:

cat << EOF | kubectl create -f -
kind: FederatedConfigMap
  generateName: cm1-
  namespace: ${projectns}
    clusterSelector: {}
      key: value

Ensure the projectns variable is set before executing the command. This variable is the project namespace (the Kubernetes Namespace associated with the project) that was defined/created when the project itself was initially created.

projectns=$(kubectl -n ${workspacens} get -o jsonpath='{.items[?(@.metadata.generateName=="project1-")]}')

Then, if you run the following command on a Kubernetes cluster associated with the Project, you’ll see a Kubernetes ConfigMap Object, in the corresponding namespace:

kubectl -n ${projectns} get configmap cm1-8469c -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
  key: value
kind: ConfigMap
  creationTimestamp: "2020-06-04T16:37:10Z"
  labels: "true"
  name: cm1-8469c
  namespace: project1-5ljs9-lhvjl
  resourceVersion: "131844"
  selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/project1-5ljs9-lhvjl/configmaps/cm1-8469c
  uid: d32acb98-3d57-421f-a677-016da5dab980

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