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On Premises Quick Start

Configure a cluster for On Premises operation

To create a cluster for your on premises infrastructure, follow the procedure that describes creating a cluster on a pre-provisioned infrastructure using SSH access.

Cluster API (CAPI) has a concept of an Infrastructure Provider, a set of controllers tasked with managing provider-specific resources for cluster infrastructure and machines via an API. In an on premises environment, there may not be a programmatic API to create and delete infrastructure. Other teams or departments may be responsible for pre-provisioning this infrastructure. In these cases, uses its own pre-provisioned infrastructure provider that relies on having SSH access to the machines and executes the bootstrap steps through SSH.

To use the pre-provisioned infrastructure provider, use Konvoy Image Builder to ensure that the correct versions of kubeadm, kubelet, and containerd are installed with their relevant configurations to enable to run on your infrastructure. Then use the dkp CLI to create a DKP cluster on your infrastructure.

Completing this procedure produces a Kubernetes cluster, including a Container Networking Interface (CNI) and a Local Persistence Volume Static Provisioner, that is ready for workload deployment.

Before moving to a production environment, you may want to add applications for logging and monitoring, storage, security, and other functions. You can use the Application Manager to select and deploy applications, or deploy your own.

To get started, follow the procedure that describes creating a DKP cluster on a pre-provisioned infrastructure.

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