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Log in to DKP UI

Access the UI through Kommander

When all the HelmReleases are ready, open the DKP UI in your browser. This command opens the URL of the Kommander web interface in your default browser, and prints the username and password in the CLI.

dkp open dashboard

You can retrieve Kommander credentials by executing the following command to access your Username and Password stored on the cluster. You can retrieve it at any time using the command:

kubectl -n kommander get secret dkp-credentials -o go-template='Username: {{.data.username|base64decode}}{{ "\n"}}Password: {{.data.password|base64decode}}{{ "\n"}}'

When DKP is installed, a static user account and credentials are created that can be used to access the DKP Dashboard. You should only use these static credentials to access the DKP UI for configuring an external identity provider. D2iQ recommends that you only use these static credentials as a backup to credentials configured using an external identity provider.

You can perform the following operations on Identity Providers:

  • Create an Identity Provider

  • Temporarily Disable an Identity Provider

  • Create Groups

Always log in with your own identity from external identity providers that provide additional security features like Multi-Factor Authentication. If the need arises to change the password for these credentials, the following shell script can be used to update the secret that contains the static credentials:

#!/usr/bin/env bash 
set -o errexit pipefail nounset 

case "$OSTYPE" in darwin) 
    new_password=$(head -c45 /dev/urandom | base64 --break=0) 
    new_password=$(head -c45 /dev/urandom | base64 --wrap=0) 

kubectl patch \
    --namespace kommander \
    secret/dkp-credentials \
    --type='json' \
    --patch="[ { \"op\" : \"replace\" , \"path\" : \"/data/password\" , \"value\" : \"$new_password\" } ]" 

printf 1>&2 "Password: %s\n" "$new_password"

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