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dkp check cluster fips

Validate the components in your cluster are FIPS compliant


The check cluster fips command is used to validate that specific components and services are FIPS compliant by checking the signatures of the files against a signed signature file, and checking that services are using the certified algorithms.


With a signature file named "manifest-rhel-84.json.asc" run:

dkp check cluster fips \
	--signature-file manifest-rhel-84.json.asc \
	--signature-configmap prod-rhel-84-fips-signatures \
	--output-configmap prod-rhel-84-fips-validation

If you already have a signature ConfigMap, you can omit the signature-file flag:

dkp check cluster fips \
	--signature-configmap prod-rhel-84-fips-signatures \
	--output-configmap prod-rhel-84-fips-validation

The validation will be re-checked against the existing signature data.
dkp check cluster fips [flags]


  -h, --help                         help for fips
      --kubeconfig string            Path to the kubeconfig file for the fips cluster. If unspecified, default discovery rules apply.
  -n, --namespace string             If present, the namespace scope for this CLI request. (default "default")
      --output-configmap string      ConfigMap with fips signature data to verify. [required]
      --signature-configmap string   ConfigMap with fips signature data to verify. [required]
      --signature-file string        File containing fips signature data.
      --timeout duration             The length of time to wait before giving up. Zero means wait forever. (default 10m0s)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose int   Output verbosity


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