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Deploy Cluster in Konvoy

You can use a single command line entry to create a Kubernetes cluster on any of the infrastructures supported by DKP. Within your environment, each cluster that you create with the dkp create cluster command requires a globally-unique cluster name that you specify as a flag.

The basic DKP deploy command structure is:

dkp create cluster <provider> --cluster-name=clustername --self-managed --flag1=value --flag2=value ... --flagn=value

For a complete list of supported providers, enter the command:

dkp create cluster --help

The default value for the --self-managed flag is false, so you must specify it to enable cluster creation from a single command.

When you execute it, this command:

  • Creates a bootstrap cluster, if one is not present

  • Deploys CAPI controllers on the bootstrap cluster

  • Waits for the cluster to be created, moves the CAPI controllers, and deletes the bootstrap cluster

Infrastructure-specific flags

Additional flags are available to enable needed features on supported cluster providers, and for on-premises and pre-provisioned clusters. You can view additional provider-specific flags and their descriptions with one of the following commands:

dkp create cluster <provider> --help

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