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DKP Insight Alerts

DKP Insight alerts refresh every 72-hours, and older Insight alerts expire. However, if an anomaly persists, the Insight Alert reappears in the table.

After the DKP Insights Engine is enabled, in a Managed or Attached cluster, select a workspace in DKP that includes the cluster to view the DKP Insight alerts. An Insights summary card displays the most recent insight alerts, as well as the number of insights within each severity level of Critical, Warning, and Notices.

Select View All from the Insights summary card or Insights from the left-side navigation menu for the DKP Insights Alert table. An overview of all the insight alerts is shown in the Insights Alert table. These Insight alerts can be filtered in several different ways:

  • Use the search dialog to search by description keyword.

  • Toggle your view by the following insight types:

    • All types

    • Availability

    • Best Practices

    • Configuration

    • Cost

    • Performance

    • Security

    • Upgrade

    • Environment

  • Select All Clusters or an individual cluster.

  • Select All Projects or an individual project.

  • Toggle between All, Critical, Warning, and Notices.

To clear filters and reset your view to all insight items, select Clear All.

Insight Alert Usage Tips

  • To flag individual Insight Alerts as useful, select the thumbs-up icon under the Useful column. This notifies the Insights Engine that this type of Insight Alert is useful, and helps customize your experience over time.

  • For an Insight Alert you do not want to use, select the vertical 3-dot menu for that insight item and select Snooze. This only snoozes the individual Insight Alert. If the anomaly recurs, a new Insight Alert displays in the Alert table.

DKP Insights Alert Details

From the DKP Insight Alert table, click on an Insight Alert to view additional information.

The common sections that all alerts contain are:

  • Projects

  • Workspace

  • Severity

Root Cause Analysis

This section provides all the necessary information you need to understand the root cause of the anomaly.


This section contains recommended steps to resolve the anomaly.

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